Accomplishments:  Hykolity LED Lighting

Hykolity:  After optimizing the Google Ads Campaigns the company saw a savings of 45% on ads spent and an increase of 3,890 more clicks.

Savings on Google Ads Campaigns 45%
  • Decreased spending 45% on Google Ads
  • Increased clicks by 3,890
  • Added conversion value to measure conversions.
  • Maintained CTR to 62%

E-commerce website Audit: Recorded sales on website saw a drastic jump after optimization and Google Ads campaigns.

  • Online sales increased by 621% on te Shopify Store
  • Online Store Sessions increased by 114%
  • Returning Customer Rate whent up  by 36%
  • Total orders increased by 178%

Online Store Sessions Reffered by Sources.   Source:  hykolity website

  • Direct Traffic increased by 197%
  • Search Traffic increased by 35%
  • Social Media Increased by 27,933%
  • Uknown increased by 247%
  • Online Store Conversion Rate 69%

SEO Ranking Screenshot

Analytics Screenshot

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